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3 Tips for Electric Gate Owners

10/28/2013 Back To Blog

Your beautiful wrought iron gates have two faces. You usually see their good side enjoying every day conveniences and comfortable access into your property but any changes could bring out their bad side and that would mean constant threats for your family. Gates are exposed to different temperatures, weather fluctuations, constant use or even abuse and, above all, they are machines that require attention, upgrades, maintenance service and repairs. When electric devices are implicated, there are always rules to be followed but most of them are simple tips for safer lives and stable gates.

Add gate opener features for greater safety

Imagine you'd had a wooden gate and, thus, no visibility of your garden when you are pressing the gate remote. There might be children or pets behind the door and the latest warning devices can help you avoid accidents. You can be warned by lights or bells about a risky situation in order to take the right measures. Of course, the basic safety sensors that can detect any obstacle while the gate is opening or closing are required even by law.

Get intercom systems

Intercom installation is suggested for those with large estates and minimum or not at all visibility to the entrance of the property. There are many different models but if you are going to spend money, do it well! Get a gate intercom system with both voice and visual communication in order to check who is knocking on your door. You can ignore them, deny access or buzz them in. You can also install a timer and set it up, so that it can open and close at certain times. The postman doesn't always ring twice; it's good to find the gate open.

Check the gate often

Electric gate service is extremely important for its good performance, stable movement and safe operation. Maintenance is required twice a year because it will give you a chance to keep your privacy, security and be certain about the safety of your family members. You should check the parts of the entire system often and remember to focus on the condition of the sensors and make sure the tracks are clean, if you have sliding gates. Proper examination and quality electric gate repair on time will make your life easier. Don't you treasure your safety!

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