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If you are puzzled about your next movements, keep on reading our gate repair tips. The best ideas for maintenance and all gates repairs.

Gate upkeep during winter months

Cold weather can affect the electronics that power your gate opener, and the gate itself can become stuck in extreme temperatures. Gate Repair Sun Valley recommends that if you live in an unusually cold climate, you add a battery heater to your gate opener’s battery. This is a small pad that sits on the battery and keeps it heated, promoting the electrical exchange and is itself powered by the incoming power transfer that charges the battery.

Understanding gate opener surge suppressors

Gate openers are particularly vulnerable to power surges because of their distance from the house and remote locations. There are usually long wires connecting the gate opener to the houses’ electrical system, which is a classic situation for transient voltage to cause a power surge. Consider installing a line surge suppressor if your gate is particularly distant from its power source, but have a trained electrician install the grounding rod.

Having separate gates

Gates are installed not only for vehicles but also for people. Experts of Gate Repair Sun Valley  recommend there be a gate for vehicles and a pedestrian gate for people. This will secure the safety of the people as monitoring of vehicles coming in and going out will be easier. At times it becomes difficult to monitor vehicles and people having access to only one gate.

Importance of maintenance

Like any other device, gates need regular maintenance. According to experts from Gate Repair Sun Valley, regular inspection, check-up and maintenance of gates will prolong their service life and preserve their appearance. Regular inspection enables us to see minor concerns early and let us save on maintenance cost. Early detection of problems in parts will enable us to fix it right away. Maintenance keeps your gate going.

Replace broken parts as needed

If parts of your gate are broken or damaged and the gate still works fine, it’s still recommended to replace the damaged part. Not doing so may have long-term implications on the overall quality of the gate. However, make sure that you are using the correct parts and not just makeshifts.

Convenience of intercom systems

It is recommended to consider installing an intercom system especially for houses with long driveways. It provides a lot of convenience to home owners since you can determine who is calling from outside the home by simply pressing a specified button.

Be sure to regularly check the moving parts

After a new gate installation, always take the time to examine the moving parts for possible problems. Our experts in gate repair Sun Vallery say that problems that should be fixed by the garage contractor are often unnoticed within a few days from the installation, and usually involve moving parts. The contractor will promptly fix problems if complaints are reported at the soonest possible time.

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