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Is your gate opener noisy? Do you want to learn more about gate repair? We have the answers to the most peculiar questions. Learn how to keep gates in excellent condition throughout the year and what to do when there is power outage.

My gate opener slows down during winter. Does climate have an effect on its operation?

According to experts at Gate Repair Sun Valley, when it is extremely cold most automatic gate openers tend to slow down. This is due to how their batteries are designed. In most cases these gate openers slow down or totally malfunction on extremely cold season. For those who experience extreme cold weather, battery heaters are recommended to keep the automatic gate openers functioning as they should.

What regular maintenance could I do to keep my gate performing the way it should?

Regular maintenance is important to keep your gate performing the way it should. You can check on screws if they are worn out or loose. Check also the gate system regularly to monitor need for adjustments or re programming. Greasing of hinges, rollers, wheels, chains and screws, cleaning and keeping the tracks clean, and checking and resetting of operators are regular maintenance you can do.

What will happen if the power goes out?

In this case, you will have to use the emergency manual override feature. It will allow you to operate the gate manually until power is restored. Alternatively, you can install a battery as a backup. That way, you can use the driveway gate opener effectively.

Why is my gate stuck?

Gates usually get stuck when they find obstacles or when the sliding gate wheels are too rusty to roll. So, make sure parts and especially tracks are lubricated periodically. If the gate is stuck, clean the tracks and make sure nothing obstructs the movement of the rollers.

Why are slide gates common in commercial use?

Slide gates with their slide gate operators are arguably the most common gate setup in commercial use. This is because they are space efficient. They do not take as much space as those with swing gate operators would. Also, maintenance for these gates is relatively easy. According to experts in gate repair in Sun Valley, repairs for sliding gates are not that frequent.

I want to install a wooden gate. What should I keep in mind?

Wooden gates exude a more luxurious, refined aesthetic, but come with a lot of caveats. They’re more expensive than similar quality wrought iron gates, and don't last as long. The wood may split, loosen, or become damaged over time, and is more sensitive to the elements. These can be combated by routine maintenance, but at that point, ask yourself if the hassle is worth the looks.

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